Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date Night

It is often difficult to spend time individually with each of our children, but we're working on it.  One of the great pieces of Accountable Kids is a date card that is earned by completing all daily core chores on time for 10 days (doesn't have to be 10 consecutive days).  Joshua is the first of our crew to earn this special privilege and he was very excited about it!  He chose to go on his date with Mommy.  We found a youth symphony orchestra who was performing last Sunday in the afternoon, so that fit our schedule.  Joshua enjoyed his first orchestra experience and asked if we could go to their next concert in May.  After the concert, we went to Sonic for another first - Sonic blasts (Joshua has only had plain vanilla ice cream from Sonic in the past).  Then we went to church and took a quick stop at the church library so Joshua could select some new reading material.  It is very difficult to keep enough books around for him to read!

On the way home from church, I asked Joshua what he thought about the date night.  He said it was kind of like cheating because he got to do three special activities for one date card.  I told him it was okay to do more than one activity on a date if that's the way we decided to use our time. I also told him that we might not get Sonic blasts on every date! haha!

Now he's working for another date with Mommy to the Wizard of Oz play on March 12.  Maybe Szachary and Benjamin will complete their date cards by then as well.  We'll keep you posted.

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